About us

The Department of Mechanics, Materials and Biomedical Engineering was established on January 1, 2020 from the merger of the Department of Mechanics, Materials Science and Engineering with the Bimedical Engineering Group from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics and Theory of Mechanisms at the Mechanical Faculty..

Department of Mechanics, Materials Science and Engineering was established in 2014, after a series of organizational changes at the Faculty of Mechanics, first as a Institute Departament (at the Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics), and after half a year, after the liquidation of the institutes, was turn into a Faculty Departament.

The Departament is the inheritor of academic traditions of the Institute of Material Science and Applied Mechanics, which had existed since 1968.

The Biomedical Engineering Group was established in 1989 within Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Since the beginning it conducts research in the area of experimental mechanics and bioengineering. The Biomedical Engineering Group has extensive background in experimental methods in order to investigate the structural and mechanical properties of tissues along with analysis of bone-implant interaction phenomena. The group has experience with wide variety of soft tissues (e.g.: intervertebral disc, spinal cord, vessels, skin, fascia, tendon, ligament, cornea) and hard tissues (e.g.: vertebras, cartilage, femur epiphysis, long bones, ribs, teeth, mandible).

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